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Patios Prior Lake, MN Majority of property owners usually include patios when working on a home improvement project. These are popular additions because of the great benefits that they provide. A home with a professionally designed patio will look more appealing. It will also increase the market value of a property. So if you are planning to sell your home in the future, installing a patio in your backyard is a perfect idea. But aside from the property's improved aesthetic appeal and better market value, you can also use the patio as an extension of your indoor living. You can add all your desired features and amenities to create the perfect living space that you've been dreaming of.

But before you start your patio installation project, make sure to hire professionals who are knowledgeable and well-experienced in patio design and installation. Patios are permanent structures, so they must be built following local building codes and standards. Professional contractors like us at Weber's Landscaping know the right installation techniques, as well as the perfect design that will suit your needs and peculiar design taste. If you want to have a patio that is not only functional but also appealing and long-lasting, call (612) 875-8081 today.

Patio Ideas

The good thing about building a patio is that you can get various ideas from the internet and trade publications. You can use the different patio ideas from these sources to create your dream outdoor living space. One of the common patio styles that homeowners request is the open-style patio. This type of patio is usually installed in the middle of a garden or near outdoor living amenities. For example, installing a patio near your pool is highly recommended. The addition of this structure will make your pool area more functional and appealing.

Patio Designs

You can have stunning patios by getting the services of licensed contractors. Professionals can easily create highly personalized patio designs that will look stunning when installed. You can request for an open-type patio or opt for an enclosed one for more privacy and functionality. An enclosed patio will create a new living space that you can use the whole year round. Moreover, you will be protected from extreme weather conditions and other harmful elements such as pests and insects. Patios with enclosures are usually attached to the side of a home, so careful planning is necessary. The use of quality materials is also important.

Stone Patios

Natural stones are still the best materials for patios. They are not only durable but also have natural appeal that makes these outdoor living spaces look stunningly beautiful. Some of the stones that are commonly used for patio installation are granite, slate, bluestone, and marble. There are also some stone patios that are made from flagstones. The irregular shape of flagstones will result in a more rugged look for the patio.

Patio Blocks

The use of patio blocks is another common practice in Minnesota. Most property owners and contractors prefer patio blocks for their durability, ease of installation and maintenance, lower cost, and great design options. Creating a particular theme or style is also easy because of the different colors, patterns, textures, and finishes available. If you need help in the installation of these materials, please contact us at Weber's Landscaping.


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