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Landscaping Prior Lake, MN A professionally designed landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial for both your home and your family. It keeps your family healthy by filtering out pollutants in the air. It regulates extreme temperatures, so you can enjoy a warmer winter and a cooler summer. And when you decide to sell your house, a beautiful landscaping will increase your home’s value and will attract more prospective buyers.

And if you are looking for professional landscapers who can realize your dream landscape, call one of Minnesota’s most trusted contractors. Weber’s Landscaping can make your dream landscape masterpiece a reality. We have years of experience in landscape design and installation projects. We have a long list of satisfied customers from Shakopee to Chanhassen and Carver. All the elements of your landscape will work perfectly together because of our extensive experience in landscaping and other outdoor improvement projects. Call (612) 875-8081 now to book an appointment.


Most landscape elements can be classified under hardscape and softscape. Hardscape, as the name suggests, includes all solid elements that stay the same over the years like driveways, patios, retaining walls, sitting areas, and walkways. Softscapes are elements that change over time such as plants and soil. To have a good landscape design, you should try to achieve a balance of both. Other elements such as water features (e.g. pond, fountain), retaining walls, pavers and outdoor features (e.g. kitchen, pergola) may be added depending on your personal preferences. It is best to hire a landscaping professional to help you decide on which elements to include in your design.

Landscape Design

A well-planned landscape follows an overarching theme. Each element and feature relates to the theme and creates a coordinated vibe for the whole yard. The good thing about getting the services of a landscape design company is that you are given the freedom to choose according to your needs and personal style. One theme you can consider for your landscaping project is xeriscaping, which incorporates water conservation in each element of the landscape. A xeriscape uses plants that require less water. It also improves the quality of soil so it drains and stores water efficiently. Another theme is the English-style landscape. Inspired by paintings in the Renaissance era, it incorporates eye-catching elements like statues and pavilions. The Japanese garden style, on the other hand, is deeply rooted in Japan’s religion and philosophy. It connects nature and spirituality while stressing the utmost respect for life and creating relaxed, peaceful space for meditation.

Lawn Care

After your dream landscape design has been achieved, you must now do your part in maintaining its good condition. Lawn care is more than just mowing and watering the grass. Other elements like the soil and other plants need tending too. Tasks such as fertilizing, edging, controlling weeds and mending objects that need repair must be done regularly and meticulously.


You may not get the exact results that you want if the landscape company you hired is not competent to execute your dream design. You must conduct thorough research of the landscapers’ profile. Do they have a solid track record in landscaping? Do they have years of experience and positive feedback from satisfied customers? Make sure to check the credibility of your landscapers before sealing the deal.


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