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Irrigation Prior Lake, MN Irrigation is a very important feature in a lawn or landscape. It does not only hydrate your plantings but also provide the necessary nutrients. An effective watering system can provide efficient delivery of water at the right time interval. It also ensures proper seed germination and mineral absorption. Indeed, an effective and reliable irrigation system keeps your plants alive and thriving. But to get 100% efficient system, you need the help of professional installers.

When it comes to installing irrigation systems for your lawn and landscape, Weber’s Landscaping is at the top of its class. With 17 years of extensive landscape design experience, we have the needed expertise in handling the installation and repair of landscape watering systems. Our design is carefully planned to suit the specific needs of your lawn or landscape. Our expert technicians have been instrumental in maintaining attractive and healthy lawn and garden spaces in various residential and commercial properties in Minnesota. Call us at (612) 875-8081 so we can help you determine the right design and type of irrigation for property.

Drip Irrigation

A drip irrigation system, also called micro-irrigation, is made up of a network of flexible tubing equipped with holes that regulate water flow. The lines may be set up above the ground or near the base of the plants for efficient water absorption and distribution. It is one of the most effective watering systems since it applies small amounts of water very slowly over time. Because of its targeted approach, water wastage is prevented. It is not recommended for lawns because the tubing of a conventional drip system cannot be buried. The tubing can only be hidden in the grass and can get in the way of people walking. Should you consider availing of this type of irrigation system, make sure to get a professional to help you configure the right settings to maximize its efficiency.

Sprinkler System

This may be the most commonly used system for landscaping. It has rotors and nozzles that spray fine mists of water to shrubs and small trees. This type of irrigation is best for lawns and ground covers because it covers large areas. It can be customized to deliver equal and consistent amounts of water per square foot of lawn area (i.e. matched precipitation) and to operate on specific schedules (i.e. automated sprinkler systems). With a professionally installed automatic sprinkler, you can have the peace of mind knowing your lawn gets the right amount of water even when you’re away from home.

Irrigation Systems

Watering large yards by hand or with a hose can be a tedious job. An irrigation system takes care of this chore for you. It waters your plants at your chosen time intervals and automatically shuts off. Different areas of a landscape may have different watering needs. Experienced installers can help you determine the irrigation systems that are best for the type of plants and landscape that you have. The use of top-quality irrigation products like Hunter and Toro will also result in reliable system. These topnotch brands offer innovative irrigation solutions that can withstand the test of time.


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